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  2. dtpman83

    Liberio bugs

    Hi, I have for the same ALQO public address, three different balances. In the Atlas Wallet it says 2 XLQ, in the explorer it says 27,5 XLQ and in Liberio it says 4269 XLQ. Screenshots are from today, 23.03.2019, 01:26 UTC
  3. Dizecrypt

    Questions regarding the roadmap

    @hewwo Your concerns were shared with Jared since the last time but no replies yet and it's not their focus to do it now probably.
  4. Dizecrypt

    sendmany API call not working since ATLAS

    I'm sorry @deadthings this is not the team's focus atm and with the new codebase coming the RPC will be slighlty new and different than Bitcoin's RPC
  5. hey lads. question, I just switched my MN from VPS provider. I installed a fresh node on the new VPS, and copied the alqo.conf file, in which I adjusted ip adress to new VPS ip after wallet sync, I ran "start alias" in local wallet, which went fine but on the new VPS, when i run alqo-cli getmasternodestatus it shows the OLD ip adress in the status display how can this happen?
  6. hewwo

    Questions regarding the roadmap

    They remembered after one more month ?
  7. deadthings

    sendmany API call not working since ATLAS

    I'm just gonna open up an issue on GitHub. The Alqo Hub doesn't seem like a very useful resource, I'm afraid.
  8. hewwo

    Questions regarding the roadmap

  9. Hi @p-lo, Thanks for your great suggestion. I'll pass it to the team since it could be interesting for the future of Bitfineon. Regards, Dizecrypt
  10. Dizecrypt

    Some suggestions for liberio

    Hi @Vitor, Thanks for those great suggestions, I'll pass them to the team. Regards, Dizecrypt
  11. Hey @hewwo, Will ask the team about it when they have time ! In the meantime, you have some details here: Regards, Dizecrypt
  12. Dizecrypt

    Questions regarding the roadmap

    Hi @hewwo, Interesting questions indeed. Will remember the team about them so they can probably answer some of them asap. Regards, Dizecrypt
  13. Dizecrypt

    Shared MN Supplier : Advisable?

    Hi @Mononoke, We are not affiliated with any of those services and we won't advertise any of them. It's totally at your own risk, any of those services could run away with all of the money anytime like coinsmarkets did. Some of them have been running since a long time and collected many reviews and have a lot of clients, be aware with which one you go and keep your funds as safe as possible. Regards, Dizecrypt
  14. Dizecrypt


    Hi @dtpman83, Thanks for reporting it ! Unfortunately, I have to inform you that Coinfolium is deprecated and a new version is being prepared behind the scenes. So, I'm sorry but there will be no fix adressing any bugs occuring now in Coinfolium. Thanks for your understanding, Regards
  15. Dizecrypt

    Liberio bugs

    Thank you very much for all your bug reports, we appreciate it and take them into consideration. They will be adressed in the next Liberio Update. Please, be aware that the team is totally focused with Bitfineon for now and so be patient for this Liberio Update. Thanks for your understanding !
  16. Dizecrypt

    ALQO party à Paris ?

    On attend que t'organises le meeting Suisse
  17. Dizecrypt

    Bitfineon Exchange Development

    Since your thread, many videos have been shared with the community through Discord aswell as the current progress. Take a look here: I will now close the topic since your question have been answered.
  18. Dizecrypt

    masternode payment sent to crypto-bridge

    As Search suggested, feel free to contact their support if you have any issue with them. You should also expect some delay when you deal with cryptobridge. Topic locked.
  19. Dizecrypt

    Which Wallet for MN

    Solution explained and no news from op. Topic locked.
  20. Dizecrypt

    Masternode setup

    Issue resolver, topic locked.
  21. Dizecrypt


    Since your issue was resolved, I close the thread. Refer to this guide to know how to make that cronjob:
  22. Dizecrypt

    Conflicted payment

    Hi @crypto.doug, I'd suggest you to try repairing your wallet or/and reindex your blockchain. Don't forget to backup you wallet.dat before taking any actions. Regards
  23. Dizecrypt

    sendmany API call not working since ATLAS

    Hi deadthings, Thanks for reporting this issue. I'll ask the team about it and try to get a clear answer. I know for sure that the team is totally focused on Bitfineon and the roadmap though, I understand that this bug could affect you and probably some other people but compared to Bitfineon, it has a low priority. Thank you
  24. dtpman83


    Coinfolium Website has obsolete price data from several days before. Price data get not updated anymore. Using Windows 10, Chrome/Edge.
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