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    Hey guys! I don't know for others but the roadmap looks incredible to me. Ambitious, and challenging for the team. I know you will make it but I have a few questions: - The implementation of sharding will be closer to Zill or ETH ? Will the sharding be profitable to the smartcontracts ? - For this question I refer, moslty, to this medium article (but not only) https://medium.com/nearprotocol/limitations-of-zilliqas-sharding-approach-8f9efae0ce3b - How Covenant will differ from actual smart contract solution and what do you call Smart Contracts issuance platform ? - Script is crap and Solidity has a lot of security holes ; are those the reason for creating a smart contracts language from scratch ? Why not just fork RSK ? - Will Gavel be Turing complete ? - How smart contracts will be used in the ALQO network ? - What is the benefit of implementing Segwit ? - Did you contacted some crosschain company in order to market along with them or talk about how ALQO can be implemented to their solution ? I'm not thinking about hyped crap such as Wan or others, but Quant seems to be a totally legit project with a low mcap and solid partnerships, it might be good to engage a discussion with them about how ALQO could address actual fundamentals and if that's the case, how the ALQO platform side could be intergrated in their multichains dApp solution. - How sill you implement the lightning network ? Straight from Bitcoin or will you address some of its actual issues ? - For this one I refer to the Liquidity Network whitepaper mostly (see P7 - Lightning is economically broken) https://liquidity.network/whitepaper_Liquidity_Network.pdf Thanks for your time and your answers guys.
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    It's been near two months and I'm sure the answers would be interesting for others too.