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  1. Kevin Collmer

    Let's Help Put a Stop to Exchange Drama

    Bitfineon actually provides every listed coin with 2-3 "alert"-keys that can trigger a one-time trading, deposit & withdrawal stop. To "trigger" the function you have to sign in into the Developers Section of Bitfineon, enter a alert-message (thats going to be send to us) and enter one of the 2-3 keys supplied when you got listed. This will instantly stop trading and/or deposits/withdrawals. Once the situation got cleared up with the coin-developers we'll supply them with a new key. Each key is only able to be used a single time. However due to our upcoming Support-Plan (24/7 Support, Livechat, Hotline) we do not think that any coin-developer is ever in need of making use of those keys.
  2. Kevin Collmer

    PoW, PoS and finality for transactions.

    Ahhh you were talking the topic about longest chain etc. Due to our masternode system we've set to check the last 100 blocks for validity on startup (restart of the QT and/or daemon). However due to the already mentioned masternodes our "finality" is set to be 30. Needed confirmations are 6 which means after 6 blocks your transactions is marked as "confirmed" and after another 24 blocks the transaction is marked as "finalized". However, keep in mind that most services (even payment services) are working with the confirmation and NOT finality value.
  3. Kevin Collmer

    PoW, PoS and finality for transactions.

    If I get this question right, you're asking what happens if a transaction is not getting into a block within a given amount of time and get's kicked out of the mempool? Since the MemPool only allows transactions to be in there for a limited amount of time, transactions not being "validated" - integrated into a block - they get kicked out and have to be resent. However, due the ALQOs Blocksize and Blocktime parameters that is most likely never going to happen for us. Neither in PoW and/or PoS.
  4. Kevin Collmer

    Timeline : something wrong?

    Changed it to be "Bitfineon Beta". #closed
  5. Great summary!
  6. Kevin Collmer

    Community Contest for Bitfineon Slogan

    hahahaha great one
  7. Kevin Collmer

    Wallet setup

    I don't think theres a guide for that, yet. I'd appreciate you doing one
  8. Kevin Collmer

    Restarting Daemon after 4.1 update

    Hey @sghokasiyan, please use the IP-address of your server to connect to the webinterface like so: http://123.456.789.0/ You can find the server's ip address in the initial credentials mail, we've sent to you.
  9. Hey @ZinkZink, the privatekey shown online is only visible by clicking the dedicated field. Due to Liberio being a dApp Service there is no chance to 'delete' those privatekeys (including the AUTHTOKEN) once imported to the local QT. What we might add is to completly remove wallets (+ the privatekeys) from Liberio which would however result in Glacier (ColdStaking) not working anymore for those addresses. Greetings Kevin
  10. Kevin Collmer

    How to report a bug

    Isolate bug The first step in in writing a bug report is to identify exactly what the problem is. Saying "something is wrong" is not helpful; saying exactly what is wrong, and how to reproduce it, is. If you can tell exactly what is wrong, and reliably reproduce an example of the problem, you've isolated a bug. Check if you are using the latest version Bug reports should be based on the the latest development build . If you are using an out-of-date build, please update to the latest revision and check to see whether or not the bug still exists. Check if the bug is known Please check whether the bug you are experiencing is already documented. If it is already documented, you may click "subscribe" to follow any developments. If your bug is different than any others recorded, open a new bug report. File each issue separately If you have multiple issues, it is better to file them separately so they can be tracked more easily. Create a new issue There are a number of initial questions that are used for filing a bug report - answers to these allow progress. Project The first question is which project your bug applies to. If in doubt, leave it empty. Version The version in which you discovered the bug (e.g., 4.0.0, or ATLAS). If you can reproduce the problem in more than one version, select the earliest. Component Finding the component is sometimes difficult. When in doubt, use "Code" or "UI". Category A "bug report" is usually for when something contrary is happening to what is expected: An example of a bug could be: open a specific file, but it instead crashes. Priority Every bug will have a different priority. "Critical" is used if any of the following happens: Data/Fund loss Corruption Inability to save work Certain irreversible operations Hangs and crashes "Major": Common feature incorrectly/not functioning Otherwise critical issues, if they happen only in some very rare and esoteric corner cases. All other bugs are considered "normal" or "minor" priority. Bear in mind that while a bug that you are experiencing is important to you, developers have to balance it with all the other known bugs. Title The title should describe the problem as best as possible. Remember that the title is read more often than any other part of the bug report. Poor title: Notes don't display correctly This title is not specific enough for someone to look at it a month from now, and remember what the bug report is referring to. Good title: Stems too short for 32nd and 64th notes This title is an improvement over the previous title, because it specifies the type of notes that are affected and identifies the display problem. After submitting the report, it is possible to improve the title. Description Steps to reproduce bug A bug report requires clear instructions, so that others can consistently reproduce it. Many bugs require some experimentation to find the exact steps that cause the problem you are trying to report. If you aren't able to discover these, try obtaining some help on the forums instead. Expected behavior Describe what should happen if the bug was fixed. Actual behavior In contrast to the expected behavior, describe what currently happens when the bug is present. Version number Find out the version you are using. For example: "Version: 4.0.1 ATLAS". Operating system Name the operating system and version you are using, such as "Windows XP SP3", or "Mac OS X 10.7.5". File attachments If you can supplement your bug report with an image or crash log that helps others reproduce the issue, attach these files. Following up Once a developer marks a bug as fixed, it is a good idea to ensure that it is completely fixed. To test, download the latest build.