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  1. crypto.doug

    Conflicted payment

    Hi, my first masternode payout does not seem to have been confirmed. I should have received 18 XLQ on 6 October, but its status is 'conflicted'. The next masternode payment was fine. I'd appreciate assistance with why the transaction might have not been confirmed. TxID: befd1a66344e28c1aaa2f329ac4d39efe62c6572a8a35726f2c471c1be23100c. Thanks
  2. crypto.doug

    Masternode setup

    OK - I've solved my own problem. On completing the alqo.conf instructions in the guide, the daemon then says the server is starting and allows further commands. Masternode seems now to be working.
  3. crypto.doug

    Masternode setup

    I've been having some difficulty setting up a masternode (using the 24 September guide). I've tried using Vultr and Digital Ocean but both seem to have an issue using either of the two installation methods that when you run the daemon alqod, the program appears to stall (just stays a black screen). I've followed the requirements closely (Ubuntu 16.04 / 1GB RAM / IPV4) and have been unable to progress beyond this. Alqo-cli appears to work but is not useful as the daemon is not running. Any views on what the problem / solution might be? Thanks