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  1. I've been on the subject for a while without any money. I think I have the basics, Intus I will therefore start trading next year, maybe even - should Bitfineon offer all this - on Bitfineon But my question in the round is : Do you know good, meaningful paid trading groups with good and regular signals? I just know the following : or How do you like them? How do you find it generally to pay for it? And, don't you know better?
  2. The staking doesn't necessarily help me in the Liberio Wallet now, it takes a felt eternity until I get something off. I already have a few master nodes myself, the hope was to stake the reward then. At the moment I'm thinking about giving the Reward to a shared MN provider. But, what is your opinion? Are they serious? Don't want to fall victim to an Exit Scam So far I've noticed Nodestop, and MIDAS, has anyone here any experience with them?
  3. Mononoke

    Some critical Questions

    wow, great answers. I'm looking forward to it Wouldn't it make sense to limit all questions and support to this forum? I'm absolutely not a fan of the various chat programs, many questions have been answered x times But, it's a matter of impossibility to find the answers again. Here it is definitely better. Possibly still some search terms insert?
  4. Mononoke

    Some critical Questions

    I have been the owner of some ALQO masternodes for quite some time, and have been following the project for some time. I'm looking forward to getting to know you this way. So some questions I still have at the moment, things that worry me a bit. For example, what might be the reason why the beta test of the Exchange is so long in coming? The start should already start in Q3, shouldn't it? Since then you can't hear anything anymore. Are they serious reasons? Or just programming delays? For a long time it was also said that Exchange will start at the beginning of 2019 (January?). But I don't see any more of this in the timeline. Such a general clarification would be super! Then more PR activity would be absolutely important for such a project. I don't see anything from you to very rarely anything, on relevant crypto pages. Why is this the case? For the fact that the project is really so multi-corresponding, there are really absolutely seldom news, you should and could definitely change something about it. For later, I think, your team definitely has to grow, don't you think? Sorry that I'm going to do my first posting with such a whining post ^^ but please remember, only through criticism can you evolve.