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  1. saw this tweet https://twitter.com/CryptoXpertUK/status/1066074674508038145 and saw Jared reply to it and i'm stoked. I've been using the 3commas trading tool (https://3commas.io) which has these features: Smart Trade: plan both buy & sell at once Smart Sell: plan sell for coins you already own Smart Cover: sell & repurchase your coins Trailing Take Profit: catch the rise Trailing Stop Loss: follow the trend Step Sell: set multiple profit targets Panic Sell: sell 1 or sell all at market price to BTC or USDT(currently) FAQ: https://support.3commas.io/hc/en-us/sections/360002041114-Create-a-Smart-Trade Now, an API to connect Bitfineon to the 3commas trading tool arsenal would be great, but wouldn't it be even greater if Bitfineon itself has these tools included which would set us apart from all other exchanges, i see that the upcoming Beaxy exchange looks like it's stepping up their game by listening to the people about current crypto exchange features/issues. I am super stoked that Jared responded quickly to that thread and is really open to great ideas. I sincerely hope that you give this tool a spin or a look around. i've been using it for the past few months and it has worked well for me as i am very new to the world of trading and this tool only has a slight learning curve but is fairly user friendly, which i believe is very important for adoption.