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  1. crypticsalt

    Let's Help Put a Stop to Exchange Drama

    Thanks for the reply. Every time I think I have a good idea I find out that the ALQO team has already considered it.
  2. Here's a thought I had this morning that was buried in Discord somewhere. Tired of exchanges exit scamming? Tired of being warned too late about a coin fork because you don't know how to configure spam filters correctly? Tired of exchanges losing funds due to exploits? Maybe one day these scenarios can be mitigated with the help of this feature. What if all accounts of team members with listed coins had a singular admin function within the domain to halt trading of their own coin on the exchange without having to have some kind of direct communication that someone needs to monitor. It would be a one way stop everything button that would halt trading within the exchange and transactions into and out of the exchange. In addition it would also do several things for CYA purposes including: send an email from a service account on the internal domain to all relevant support so that it would not be filtered/ignored, snapshot all balances and transactions currently in progress for that coin, automatically tweet out that the team has used this admin feature to halt trading of the coin. Let me know your thoughts. Is this done anywhere else? Is it possible?
  3. crypticsalt

    To MN or not to MN?

    I think with the introduction of Liberio and eventual activation of Liberio features, a lot more people will be automatically staking even while offline. Personally, I'm going to stick with the consistent return from masternodes over time rather than the RNG return and the increase of cold stakers via Liberio. Some people have reported 1-3 stakes on 10k per 24 hours in the past few days, but is that third RNG stake really worth breaking up masternodes?