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  1. Definitely not Jared Grey

    To MN or not to MN?

    I have 70K XLQ. I have them all under MNs, but apparently people are getting better rewards through staking. Will this balance itself out (people jumping in on the staking wagon and thus decreasing staking rewards) or should I jump onto the staking wagon myself?
  2. Definitely not Jared Grey

    Community Contest for Bitfineon Slogan

    Cool name - check. Great logo - check. Slogan - NONE? Let's give Bitfineon a cool slogan. Or even better, let's have the community members suggest the slogan. The ALQO team than goes through the entries and picks a winner, who gets a symbolic prize, like 2000 ALQO. What ya think?
  3. Definitely not Jared Grey

    BTC & other coins in the Liberio light wallet.

    I agree. The more the merrier. Also do FOR, please.