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  1. Jared Grey

    Liberio bugs

    Thanks for the feedback. We'll review.
  2. This thread has been locked, since it's been answered.
  3. Jared Grey

    Some critical Questions

    The ChartIQ implementation has taken longer than anticipated due to the UI we had developed. It is fully custom and each element has to be custom coded into the UI. Some of the tasks take minutes, others take hours. We have a team of 5 total developers, led by our lead developer and CTO Kevin, working on the exchange daily for long periods of hours. Serious reasons? Not particularly, nothing fundamentally wrong or hindering us from completion, simply things are taking longer to complete than originally planned. Time-line for full release before end of 2018 is still on pace, we decided to include the majority of full release functionality in the beta release, the exchange will exist in beta-mode less time than previously planned. We've been focused on the development, but marketing and PR has been regular on social media channels. We have several interviews released, and a live stream AMA posted on the official ALQO YouTube account, and regular social media interaction. Of course, more will follow upon release of the beta version of the exchange. Thank you for your questions. - Jared
  4. Jared Grey

    Questions regarding the roadmap

    Thanks for the post. We will provide a response to these questions asap.
  5. Jared Grey

    Liberio - FAQ

    Great post.