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  1. Jared Grey

    Which Wallet for MN

    Do you have any anti virus application installed on your Mac? They can sometimes cause problems with the wallet application, please create an exception for the wallet application and/or image file. Which Mac OS version are you using? Please note, there are two versions, for different Mac OS versions: Macintosh Wallet (Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra): https://github.com/ALQOCRYPTO/ALQO/releases/download/v4.1/ALQO-Core.dmg Macintosh Wallet (Mac OS 10.12 or lower, pre High Sierra): https://github.com/ALQOCRYPTO/ALQO/releases/download/v4.1/ALQO-Core_PRE-HIGH_SIERRA.dmg Also make sure to have the image properly downloaded before trying to mount it.
  2. Jared Grey

    Liberio UX

    Great ideas, thanks for sharing. The UI is planned for a massive redesign and overhaul, but these features are great. Please feel free to add more to this list.
  3. Jared Grey

    Liberio voting and what it means

    The governance system within Liberio is not centralized, Liberio itself is not centralized at all. All information stored in Liberio is encrypted and sharded across the network (of masternodes). Using Liberio for voting (yes you can use Atlas wallet addresses for voting by adding them to the watch only list in Liberio) streamlines the voting process and makes it easier and accessible from everywhere, without having access to the Atlas wallet all the time (only for adding them, because you sign a message to proof ownership). Feel free to disagree and have a different opinion in that regard, but calling it centralized is false. The Atlas wallet will remain the full node client and won’t be deprecated, it’s needed for tasks like starting and maintaining masternodes or signing messages anyway, not to forget the additional functionality, like TOR connections, multi-send, hot-staking, etc.
  4. Jared Grey

    Liberio voting and what it means

    Voting can be done through adding any address from your QT-Wallet to your Liberio watch-only addresses or use the addresses within your Liberio address book and their respective balances. Any other voting mechanism, including the old voting system, won’t be supported at this time.
  5. Jared Grey

    sendmany API call not working since ATLAS

    Your thread somehow was not marked as unread, therefore I must have missed it, sorry. I‘m not familiar with that command, but it might have changed since the Atlas update, due to the many changes in code. I‘ll check it and get back to you!
  6. There was so much to talk about in terms of things going on in the ALQO universe that I had to make a selection of interesting things to cover in this video. Mainly the feature release of Liberio, the interview with Jared in the Altcoin magazine and the awesome community engagement is covered in this update. Hope you enjoy! ALQO community update #19
  7. Jared Grey

    Show Glacier rewards in Liberio wallet

    Thanks for the suggestions guys! I think adding more data to the Glacier page is something we‘ll consider, don’t forget the upcoming Janus release, which‘ll make blockchain data analysis and statistics easy and accessible for everyone! Stay tuned
  8. Jared Grey

    Liberio bugs

    Thanks for all the submissions so far, your help in eliminating bugs is appreciated! We‘ll address them within a future update, as soon as possible
  9. Jared Grey

    Liberio bugs

    Thanks for the feedback. We'll review.
  10. Jared Grey

    Some critical Questions

    So we may provide a higher level of value to the ALQO community and to streamline the access of critical and relevant information regarding ALQO and Bitfineon and its accompanying planets, all team members will request that new questions/inquiries be posted to the ALQO Community HUB. Answers will be provided on the community hub and similar questions asked by community members will be linked accordingly. Additional questions can be asked on the relevant thread and team members will provide replies to the thread. This will help us maximum team efficiency and serve the community in the best possible way, and to position ourselves to better serve new members and to scale effectively with any sudden explosive growth we may experience.
  11. Jared Grey

    Some critical Questions

    No more than a couple of weeks, we plan to move forward at a quick pace, once the closed beta is out. There‘ll be a public beta, after the closed beta for ALQO holders. From there, we‘ll be moving to full public release within a few weeks, no exact timeframes set yet though, but we‘re on schedule for release this year. Yes, of course! Exact trading fees have yet to be determined. Yes, Liberio should be coming out soon for all major smartphone OS. Bitfineons website will be responsive, so it‘ll look great on mobile devices. App is planned but not top priority, should be coming out at some point in 2019. Yes, credit card deposits will be available. Cool idea! I think we‘ll introduce something like that, this hub can also be used as the go-to platform for Bitfineon related discussions, including trading ideas, market discussions etc. Thank you for your questions!
  12. This thread has been locked, since it's been answered.
  13. Jared Grey

    Some critical Questions

    The ChartIQ implementation has taken longer than anticipated due to the UI we had developed. It is fully custom and each element has to be custom coded into the UI. Some of the tasks take minutes, others take hours. We have a team of 5 total developers, led by our lead developer and CTO Kevin, working on the exchange daily for long periods of hours. Serious reasons? Not particularly, nothing fundamentally wrong or hindering us from completion, simply things are taking longer to complete than originally planned. Time-line for full release before end of 2018 is still on pace, we decided to include the majority of full release functionality in the beta release, the exchange will exist in beta-mode less time than previously planned. We've been focused on the development, but marketing and PR has been regular on social media channels. We have several interviews released, and a live stream AMA posted on the official ALQO YouTube account, and regular social media interaction. Of course, more will follow upon release of the beta version of the exchange. Thank you for your questions. - Jared
  14. Jared Grey

    VLOG of the ALQO Bitfineon anniversary gala

    Thanks for sharing, great vlog, as authentic as it gets! It has been an exciting time and I I think I can speak for the whole team to say we had an incredible evening, great talks with the community and it’s been a pleasure to celebrate with everyone who shares the enthusiasm for ALQO and Bitfineon, like we do. Looking forward to the next years to come!
  15. My first attempt to do something like a vlog. What better occasion to choose than attending a party with all you ALQOholics. A night to remember I suppose being honored to have the possibility to share such a good time with fellow likeminded. Not everything was perfect but you guys made it perfect for me. Hope you enjoy watching this video and get a glimpse of how this weekend was like for me. ALQO Bitfineon anniversary gala VLOG