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    Which Wallet for MN

    Do you have any anti virus application installed on your Mac? They can sometimes cause problems with the wallet application, please create an exception for the wallet application and/or image file. Which Mac OS version are you using? Please note, there are two versions, for different Mac OS versions: Macintosh Wallet (Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra): https://github.com/ALQOCRYPTO/ALQO/releases/download/v4.1/ALQO-Core.dmg Macintosh Wallet (Mac OS 10.12 or lower, pre High Sierra): https://github.com/ALQOCRYPTO/ALQO/releases/download/v4.1/ALQO-Core_PRE-HIGH_SIERRA.dmg Also make sure to have the image properly downloaded before trying to mount it.
  2. Jared Grey

    Liberio UX

    Great ideas, thanks for sharing. The UI is planned for a massive redesign and overhaul, but these features are great. Please feel free to add more to this list.
  3. Jared Grey

    Liberio voting and what it means

    The governance system within Liberio is not centralized, Liberio itself is not centralized at all. All information stored in Liberio is encrypted and sharded across the network (of masternodes). Using Liberio for voting (yes you can use Atlas wallet addresses for voting by adding them to the watch only list in Liberio) streamlines the voting process and makes it easier and accessible from everywhere, without having access to the Atlas wallet all the time (only for adding them, because you sign a message to proof ownership). Feel free to disagree and have a different opinion in that regard, but calling it centralized is false. The Atlas wallet will remain the full node client and won’t be deprecated, it’s needed for tasks like starting and maintaining masternodes or signing messages anyway, not to forget the additional functionality, like TOR connections, multi-send, hot-staking, etc.
  4. Jared Grey

    Liberio voting and what it means

    Voting can be done through adding any address from your QT-Wallet to your Liberio watch-only addresses or use the addresses within your Liberio address book and their respective balances. Any other voting mechanism, including the old voting system, won’t be supported at this time.
  5. Jared Grey

    sendmany API call not working since ATLAS

    Your thread somehow was not marked as unread, therefore I must have missed it, sorry. I‘m not familiar with that command, but it might have changed since the Atlas update, due to the many changes in code. I‘ll check it and get back to you!
  6. There was so much to talk about in terms of things going on in the ALQO universe that I had to make a selection of interesting things to cover in this video. Mainly the feature release of Liberio, the interview with Jared in the Altcoin magazine and the awesome community engagement is covered in this update. Hope you enjoy! ALQO community update #19
  7. Jared Grey

    Show Glacier rewards in Liberio wallet

    Thanks for the suggestions guys! I think adding more data to the Glacier page is something we‘ll consider, don’t forget the upcoming Janus release, which‘ll make blockchain data analysis and statistics easy and accessible for everyone! Stay tuned
  8. Jared Grey

    Liberio bugs

    Thanks for all the submissions so far, your help in eliminating bugs is appreciated! We‘ll address them within a future update, as soon as possible
  9. Jared Grey

    Liberio bugs

    Thanks for the feedback. We'll review.
  10. Jared Grey

    Some critical Questions

    So we may provide a higher level of value to the ALQO community and to streamline the access of critical and relevant information regarding ALQO and Bitfineon and its accompanying planets, all team members will request that new questions/inquiries be posted to the ALQO Community HUB. Answers will be provided on the community hub and similar questions asked by community members will be linked accordingly. Additional questions can be asked on the relevant thread and team members will provide replies to the thread. This will help us maximum team efficiency and serve the community in the best possible way, and to position ourselves to better serve new members and to scale effectively with any sudden explosive growth we may experience.
  11. Jared Grey

    Some critical Questions

    No more than a couple of weeks, we plan to move forward at a quick pace, once the closed beta is out. There‘ll be a public beta, after the closed beta for ALQO holders. From there, we‘ll be moving to full public release within a few weeks, no exact timeframes set yet though, but we‘re on schedule for release this year. Yes, of course! Exact trading fees have yet to be determined. Yes, Liberio should be coming out soon for all major smartphone OS. Bitfineons website will be responsive, so it‘ll look great on mobile devices. App is planned but not top priority, should be coming out at some point in 2019. Yes, credit card deposits will be available. Cool idea! I think we‘ll introduce something like that, this hub can also be used as the go-to platform for Bitfineon related discussions, including trading ideas, market discussions etc. Thank you for your questions!
  12. This thread has been locked, since it's been answered.
  13. Jared Grey

    Some critical Questions

    The ChartIQ implementation has taken longer than anticipated due to the UI we had developed. It is fully custom and each element has to be custom coded into the UI. Some of the tasks take minutes, others take hours. We have a team of 5 total developers, led by our lead developer and CTO Kevin, working on the exchange daily for long periods of hours. Serious reasons? Not particularly, nothing fundamentally wrong or hindering us from completion, simply things are taking longer to complete than originally planned. Time-line for full release before end of 2018 is still on pace, we decided to include the majority of full release functionality in the beta release, the exchange will exist in beta-mode less time than previously planned. We've been focused on the development, but marketing and PR has been regular on social media channels. We have several interviews released, and a live stream AMA posted on the official ALQO YouTube account, and regular social media interaction. Of course, more will follow upon release of the beta version of the exchange. Thank you for your questions. - Jared
  14. My first attempt to do something like a vlog. What better occasion to choose than attending a party with all you ALQOholics. A night to remember I suppose being honored to have the possibility to share such a good time with fellow likeminded. Not everything was perfect but you guys made it perfect for me. Hope you enjoy watching this video and get a glimpse of how this weekend was like for me. ALQO Bitfineon anniversary gala VLOG
  15. Jared Grey

    VLOG of the ALQO Bitfineon anniversary gala

    Thanks for sharing, great vlog, as authentic as it gets! It has been an exciting time and I I think I can speak for the whole team to say we had an incredible evening, great talks with the community and it’s been a pleasure to celebrate with everyone who shares the enthusiasm for ALQO and Bitfineon, like we do. Looking forward to the next years to come!
  16. Jared Grey

    Coinsmarkets - how to get my coins back ???????

    There has been a lot of us that lost coins in the coinsmarket exit scam. I doubt we will see any of them again...
  17. Jared Grey

    Community Contest for Bitfineon Slogan

    Bitfineon - Where the world meets
  18. The team at Bitfineon GmbH is pleased to announce a special gala evening in Heidelberg, Germany on November 3rd 2018, to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the creation and launch of ALQO. Hosted at the enchanting and acclaimed Alte Weinfabrik venue, in the heart of Heidelberg's historic district, and featuring Michelin Star awarded chefs Martin Scharff & Mario Sauer, the evening will focus on celebrating ALQO's first year and the upcoming launch of the Bitfineon exchange. We'd like you to join with us in celebrating the ongoing journey of ALQO & Bitfineon with this special evening. Tickets can be purchased in advance and capacity is capped at 150 due to venue size. This is an exclusive event and local German media will be attending and reporting on the event. Come and join us in celebrating ALQO and Bitfineon, we hope to see you all there! Find all the details and get your tickets here: Special ALQO Gala Website (pre-order starts 6pm UTC+2, 2nd October)
  19. Here you go - the new community update. This time sharing my excitement about the gala ticket I've just got and some new bits about bitfineon. Community update #17
  20. Jared Grey

    Bitfineon Beta Demo Trading Contest

    Great idea, I‘m sure we can work on something in anticipation of the Bitfineon launch and ALQOs key role in the ecosystem!
  21. Jared Grey

    Bitfineon Beta Demo Trading Contest

    I dont know exactly but it is a very good idea as competitions always attract users (men in particular ) and is btw good fun tbh. A couple of weeks ago I've shared a quote to the team: its from this article which is btw. a really nice read: https://futuretimes.io/articles/the-blueprint-for-crypto-community-building/ I dont know if the team has considered it as a way to go but with your suggestions a good start would be made. I will ask them if any ressources can be drawn to this (as obv. some kind of technical solution needs to be found to track that stuff...etc.). If anyone has ideas regarding such a contest please post it here. Maybe we as community managers can come up with a contest like thing which does not require too much support from the dev team. Cheers
  22. Here you go - the new community update. This time covering the awesome pictures of the upcoming bifineon exchange and what features we can anticipate from them. Community update #16
  23. Jared Grey

    ALQO & Bitfineon Anniversary Gala - 3rd November 2018

    Oh guys I really look foward to see you all f2f and have an awesome get together!
  24. Jared Grey

    Liberio - FAQ

    Liberio - FAQ What is Liberio? Liberio is ALQO's high performance, user friendly, cross-platform thin client for storing, managing and tracking your ALQO on any device. It utilizes ALQO's distributed cloud network to provide seamless, one-click access to every service offered across the ALQO ecosystem using your Thumb ID. How can I use it? Visit https://liberio.app/register and register your unique Liberio-account. Choose a username (for logging in) and nickname (for using LibChat with friends, sending funds etc.). The nickname will be combined with a unique 4 digit #-code, in order to identify every user more easily: Make sure to use a strong password and keep it safe, only you should have access to it. Your account password should never include these: • any obvious combinations such as 12345, combinations of phone numbers and addresses, or your personal information; • any string with sequential numbers or letters; • any part of the username with a slight variation of the password; • words in the dictionary that a hacker can easily hack with the help of a dictionary program. After you’ve successfully registered your account, you can visit https://liberio.app/login and use your username and password for logging in. It’s recommended to activate 2-Factor Authentification: 1. Visit https://liberio.app/profile and scroll down to find the QR-Code which is needed for 2FA. 2. Open up any 2FA-App (Google Authenticator) and scan the QR-Code. 3. Enter the 6-digit code shown in your 2FA-App and click on “Activate”. 4. Make a copy of the backup code being displayed afterwards, in order to be able to restore your 2FA, should you loose access to your device, phone gets stolen etc.. keep it private, don’t share it! Write it down on a piece of paper (not just copy/paste it)! From now on, you’ll need both, username and password + 2FA-Code. Since 2FA-Authentification requires access to the device that generates the codes, it enhances the account security by a great margin. How does Liberio keep my funds safe? The private keys are encrypted and sharded across the masternode network, so nobody can access them except you; there's no central database to be compromised. Make sure to enable 2FA and keep your login data and backup code/private keys safe! Your funds can't be accesses without them, so handle all of them with care and keep the keys safe (offline only!). What is cold staking and how can I use it? You are able to stake all coins you deposit into your Liberio account, no matter if the address is generated by Liberio or imported by you. As soon as the coins show up in your Liberio balance, they’ll be cold staked. This does not require any effort from your side, it’s working automatically, around the clock. Magical, right? Any difference in chances of getting a reward between hot and cold staking? No, there's no difference, both have equal chances. Can I optimize my inputs/UTXOs for better staking chances? This is debatable, but some people do swear by it. If you look at recommended UTXO size at Liberio's Glacier page (after logging in), you will see that the network seems to choose UTXO of a certain size more often (2600 at time of writing). However, this could also be due to stakers optimizing their UTXOs to this size and creating a self-fulfilling prophecy situation. How can I import an address that I’m using within the Atlas QT-Wallet? You can manage up to 15 addresses within your Liberio account. 3 addresses will be automatically generated when you register your account and you can use them right away. If you want to import an address that you’ve used previously within the Atlas-QT wallet instead, you’ll need to export the private key of that address and import it into Liberio. Here’s what to do: Before we start: DON’T import a private key of a running masternode. Doing so will stop the masternode, since the collateral coins are not locked anymore, but are cold staking instead. You can import these addresses as watchonly addresses, which allows you to monitor your masternode and get a notification in case the status changes etc. Open up the Atlas QT-Wallet and unlock it with your passphrase. Open the wallet debug console and enter the following command: dumpprivkey “YOURADDRESS” The output you get is the private key of that address. Make sure to keep it private, don’t share it or post it somewhere etc. Anyone who has access to the private key can get the funds of that address. Importing it to Liberio however, is safe and easy: 1. Click on "Addressbook": 2. Select "Import Privatekey": 3. Paste the private key and click on “Add”. That’s it, you should see your imported address in your address book now. How can I export the private key from an address within Liberio and import it into my Atlas QT-Wallet? 1. Click on "Addressbook": 2. Select the address you want and click on the button to unveil: 3. Copy the private key, open up your Atlas QT-Wallet, unlock the wallet with your passphrase and use the following command in your wallet debug console: importprivkey "YOURPRIVATEKEY" "LABEL" true (LABEL: Name you want to set for that address) 4. It’ll automatically reindex your wallet after adding the private key. You should then see your Liberio address in your Atlas wallet and should be able to use it as easy as all the other addresses in your wallet. How can I add an address to my Watchonly Addressbook? If you want to add an address from your Atlas QT-Wallet to your watchonly addressbook, here's what to do: 1. Click on "Addressbook": 2. Select "Add Watchonly Address": 3. Copy the message to sign: 4. Open up your Atlas QT-Wallet, go to the file menu and select "Sign message...": 5. Click on the button right next to the address field and select the address you want to add from your receiving addresses, then click "choose". Now paste the message to sign you've copied earlier into the big empty field, followed by clicking on "Sign Message". If you set a passphrase, you'll be asked to enter it so that the ownership of that address can be confirmed. After you've done all these steps, it should look like this: 6. Copy the signature and paste it into the Liberio prompt, into the "signature" field. Don't forget to copy and paste the address you want to add one field above, into the "address" field. It should look like this, after pasting both address and signature: 7. If everything is correct, click on "Verify & Add" to add the address to your Watchonly Addressbook. All balances from your addresses in your Watchonly Addressbook will reflect in your total balance. If an address is linked to a masternode, it'll be included into the masternode monitoring section of your Liberio account (once the feature is fully enabled). 8. Check out the overview video we created for Liberio's features here:
  25. Jared Grey

    Liberio - FAQ

    Great post.