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  1. walkjivefly

    Liberio bugs

    I had the same thing with all the watchonly addresses I added today. Despite the error messages the addresses were added and I was able to vote with them, but the message is worrying. Given it's closed source there is no way for the community to help investigate the problem.
  2. walkjivefly

    Liberio voting and what it means

    Of course it's centralised. We have to go to a particular web address which can be DDOS'd or DNS attacked. The data behind the Liberio portal may be decentralised, but the access point is centralised and closed source. We used to be able to vote through the Atlas wallets running on our own machines and that is truly decentralised because each voter votes at their own personal "voting station". Liberio does not streamline the voting process; it means I have to run a second bit of software to do something I used to be able to do with just one. And I had to add the watchonly address(es) to it. Granted, it might be nice for some people to be able to vote from anywhere with a browser but I'm quite happy with a hot wallet on my PC. It's closed source which means there is no (potential for) widespread peer-review. Everyone using it has to trust Kevin & co have got it 100% right and hope there are no latent attack vectors. Glad to hear there are no plans to deprecate the (rest of the) Atlas wallet.
  3. walkjivefly

    Liberio voting and what it means

    So ALQO are forcing the use of Liberio for voting, even though there's a voting system which actually works in the Atlas wallets. You're forcing us to use a closed source web app, pushing us to a centralised system of governance. What are the plans for the Atlas wallet then? Will it too be deprecated in the not too distant future?
  4. Today, we are promised, Liberio voting goes active for the first time, with the vote regarding the fate of the pre-mine. What does this mean for voting in the QT wallet? Is it still supported? Will it still be supported in the future or is it going to be deprecated? How does voting work for coins still held in the QT wallet? Can they be voted in Liberio? Can they be voted from watch-only addresses? Some other way?