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  1. Nighty

    Some critical Questions

    Sorry I hang in between with some questions So will the beta only last a few weeks / days until the final release comes? And, will it definitely be this year? Also some questions : Will there also be Alqo pairs? Will there be a smartphone app? Will you be able to buy coins with Visa? (that's why I love Bitpanda so much...) For the future : wouldn't it be great to put in a kind of community section like in Tradingview where you can post your analysis for others?
  2. Nighty

    Community Contest for Bitfineon Slogan

    Bitfineon - the swiss art of a krypto chuchichäschtli
  3. This thread can be found in every coin forum - so why not also here Find it always exciting to see how others think it is. That's why I just wanted to divide it into two. And each time I assumed that we are still in the bear market. How much $ do you estimate the coin to be at the end of 2018? Reasons? Between 0.5$. Between 0.5$ and 1$. Reasons? Inflation has dropped extremely. Inflation has fallen extremely. As well as the popularity slowly gets bigger of the project. As well as we are close to the open launch of the Exchange, so I think we will be quite close to the 1$ by then - despite bear market. But, the coin / the project should easily make it into the top100 by then, above all, coins of comparable exchanges are also in the top100 - despite smaller / fewer projects as far as the coin itself is concerned. How much $ do you estimate the coin at by mid-2019? Between 4$ and 5$. On the one hand, I think that the ETFs, as well as more interest in the crypto market, will generally increase the market again. We will then (hopefully) have the dry spell behind us. Accordingly, the Bitfineon stock exchange is growing more and more, the inflation is very low...the coin has chances to be in the Top50 - therefore the interest in the project gets more and more into focus.
  4. Nighty

    Timeline : something wrong?

    i don't figure this out right now : q3 2018 : Bitfineon Release (but you mean the closed Beta release) BUT, neither in Q4 2018 nor in Q1 2019 is there any information about the complete Bitfineon Release. You have to make sure, there are no misunderstaindings, you could understand the timeline to mean that the exchange starts in september. This could frighten new interested people if they realize that this was only the closed beta.