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  1. mrthd

    Liberio UX

    - glacier: scrolling through pages of UTXO sizes resets to page 1 after a few seconds.
  2. mrthd

    Liberio UX

    Since I feel like one of the main selling points of Bitfineon is a superior UX, I think Liberio shouldn't fall short of that ambition. Here are some points that need improvement/fixing. Please add anything else you notice. - 2FA: auto-focus when logging in (so you don't have to click the field) - top right user name should get you to settings page (just as your name on the left does) - in settings: 2FA recovery code only visible on click - profile pic support - overview: what is the sent amount telling me? should be by 24h/7d/... - sending alqo should check for valid address, valid amount - select address to send from - glacier: "set UTXO to recommended size" would be a killer feature (would trigger multi-send) This should be a running list, so the alqo dev's can turn here whenever it gets boring I think UX is key to adoption and most of these things super easy to fix.