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  1. Search

    Bitfineon overview video

    2nd video
  2. Search

    Bitfineon overview video
  3. Search

    Which Wallet for MN

    I am really bad with mac, sorry maybe someone else can help you.
  4. Search

    Which Wallet for MN here you can find the latest wallets for PC/MAC
  5. Search

    Bitfineon Exchange Development

  6. Search

    masternode payment sent to crypto-bridge

    Hello, as you can see in the link below cryptobridge recieved your ~15,5k xlq. If you dont recieved them as bridgecoins you should write a mail to their support.
  7. Nice video! Keep it up with this great work!
  8. Nice idea, i think the recieved and sent circles are not so useful too, because my shown amounts are really big and i dont know what to do with this information. Much better were recieved stake- and masternode rewards.
  9. Search

    Liberio bugs

    Today we found another bug in the visualisation of some balances wit a zero dezimal. Instead of showing the zeroes, it shows .undefined.
  10. Search

    Some suggestions for liberio

    I like the those ideas lets see what the devs thinks of it.
  11. Search

    Liberio bugs

    First of all thank you very much for the release of liberio, its awesome. i've found some bugs and want to inform you. first: if you try to send the same balance as you have in total, there appears a sucessfull TX output, but without the ID. Maybe its better to put out an error with something like insufficient balance or smth. second: If you try to send a decimal amount and seperate it with a comma, it shows an unknown error. -> output an error with smth like: pay attention to the decimal separator. thank you
  12. Search

    sending to liberio from atlas

    This transaction id contents only the masternode reward + stake reward + dev fee, can you show me the adress, you try to send from? If you dont want to publish it, just send it to me via DM.
  13. Search

    Some critical Questions

    Let me try to answer your questions, As far as i know, the beta is planned to last a few weeks, the team want to release the public version as soon as possible. Its the main focus, as they can earn money when Bitfineon launches. Its planned to launch this year and the team should be on shedule. Every listing should be with an ALQO pair, and it should be zero fee. As you can see on Liberio, Webapps are the new thing. In my opinion you dont need apps anymore. This is a question i cant answer
  14. Search

    Questions regarding the roadmap

    please dont sell bro
  15. Search

    VLOG of the ALQO Bitfineon anniversary gala

    Thank you very much for the vlog!! it's very nice