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BTC & other coins in the Liberio light wallet.

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Hey guys!

I kept asking for a bit of time about the technology behind the Liberio framework and this for a reason ; and I still want to deep dive in. When I saw that you were using the masternodes as a distributed network to shard and encrypt the private keys, thus for building the very first light wallet that doesn't rely anymore on a central server I thought it might be great to step further; Is it technically possible to add Bitcoin to this and turn Liberio into a strong, fast and secure Electrum competitor ?

From my empiricall knowledge the masternodes would have to host the BTC chain but out of this I don't see anything working against this usecase. It would be GREAT for ALQO adoption to make the BTC community look at us for real.

This would add something tangible to the entire crypto scene AND it would be a very good marketing move. If one coder isn't enough on this, I'm pretty sure people from the community would love to contribute.


Let's talk. 😎



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