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Definitely not Jared Grey

Community Contest for Bitfineon Slogan

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On 9/26/2018 at 1:11 AM, Cloudy said:

"Take the bull by the horns."


"It's your market, own it."


"The Exchange that Pays."


"German built, Swiss secure."


"Everyone gets their share."


"German build, Swiss secure" 
This is good slogan. I don't about the rest. hehe

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1 We deliver great - Bitfineon

2 Purveyors of amazing - Bitfineon

3 Committed to Bitfineon quality

4 We commit ourselves to wondrous - Bitfineon

5 Expect the exceptional - Bitfineon

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Bitfineon - Home is where the bull is

Bitfineon - Where the bulls come out to play

Bitfineon - We love bear hunting

Bitfineon - "Funds are safu"er with us

Bitfineon - Pride of the bulls

Bitfineon - Playground for the bulls

Bitfineon - The real Red Bull

Bitfineon - Das "Q" steht für Gefahr

Bitfineon - Where Permabulls are born

Meet our brightest Alqo planet - Bitfineon

Bitfineon - Where staking is more fun

Bitfineon - Cause sharing is caring

Bitfineon - More than just your casual Crypto Exchange

Bitfineon - All-in one Crypto Exchange

Bitfineon - Where fun meets safety

Bitfineon - Your fuel to the moon

Bitfineon - Swiss based, moon inspired

Bitfineon - Your crypto endgame

Will deliver some more late maybe...;)




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