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Shared MN Supplier : Advisable?

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The staking doesn't necessarily help me in the Liberio Wallet now, it takes a felt eternity until I get something off.

I already have a few master nodes myself, the hope was to stake the reward then. At the moment I'm thinking about giving the Reward to a shared MN provider.

But, what is your opinion? Are they serious? Don't want to fall victim to an Exit Scam 😞 So far I've noticed Nodestop, and MIDAS, has anyone here any experience with them?

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Hi @Mononoke,

We are not affiliated with any of those services and we won't advertise any of them.

It's totally at your own risk, any of those services could run away with all of the money anytime like coinsmarkets did. Some of them have been running since a long time and collected many reviews and have a lot of clients, be aware with which one you go and keep your funds as safe as possible.




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